Photography Workshop

I'm absolutely stoked to be running this 'Everyone’s a Photographer Until M (manual)!'  Photography Workshop at Across the Bridge Arts Festival Bannockburn 2020 on

Sunday 4 Oct 2020, 9am – 3pm, Coronation Hall, Hall Road, Bannockburn, Central Otago 
$95 per person

Book here: https://photography-workshop-2020.lilregie.com


Got a fancy camera that’s still in Auto or Program? Still using your phone because you don’t know how to use your camera? Want to take your photography up a notch and create eye catching or artistic photographs rather than snapshots? This workshop is all about stepping up your photography by understanding and using the manual controls on your camera

Who this workshop is for:

Beginner and intermediate photography enthusiasts with a camera you want to learn how to use better. Suited for people with a DSLR camera or camera with manual controls

What we will cover:

  • Finding and understanding the manual controls on your camera
  • Light, light, light
  • Aperture, shutter speed and ISO camera settings
  • Practical hands-on exercises throughout
  • Depth of field
  • White balance
  • Composition and the rule of thirds
  • Famous Artist examples
  • Analysing photographs to understand light and controls used
  • Demonstration of how post processing in Photoshop Lightroom and/or Photoshop can enhance your photographs
  • Different genre of photography
  • Feedback and review

NB: please note there is not enough time to cover Lightroom or Photoshop in this workshop

Book here: https://photography-workshop-2020.lilregie.com 

What to bring:

  • Your camera, lenses, batteries and cards (check your batteries are charged)
  • Your camera’s MANUAL. If you can’t find it you can download it from the internet before the workshop
  • Flash if you have one
  • Laptop and cable, if you have one
  • Card reader and cable
  • A couple of examples of your own favourite photographs. These can be on your phone, other device or on paper. It doesn’t matter how recent or old they are
  • A couple of examples of photographs that you have not taken but that you aspire to. These can be by your favourite photographers or unknown
  • Pen and paper
  • Lunch
  • Jacket as we will work outside, weather permitting


This is a 5.5 hour practical and theoretical workshop

We will take a short break for lunch – please bring your own lunch.

The Black Rabbit Café is just down the road in Bannockburn if you need to pick up lunch or coffee. There is no store in Bannockburn

About Celia:

Celia is a professional photographer specialising in dance, performing arts, portraiture, headshots, personal branding, weddings and events. She comes from a family of professional photographers and has been photographing all her life. Celia has photographed many of the worlds greats dance companies and is one of the official photographers for the Royal New Zealand Ballet. She holds a Master of Fine Arts. Her artwork centres primarily on collaborations with dancers and choreographers and the genre of 'Still/Moving' - the relationship between still and moving images. Celia’s work is exhibiting in the Artists of Bannockburn exhibition at Cairnmuir Woolshed, Cairnmuir Road Friday 9 to Sunday 11 Oct 2020.

Check out www.stagebox.co.nz.

For specific questions on the workshop email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Drive into Bannockburn across the Bannockburn bridge. Keep going up the hill past the Bannockburn Hotel and Café. Take 2nd turn on right into Hall Road. Coronation Hall is on the left in Hall Road by the Church.

Places are limited so book early.  Book here: https://photography-workshop-2020.lilregie.com

Gibbston Valley Lodge wedding

"It only took one simple sentence to reduce this middle-aged scribe to a blubbering mess, “you should get married in New Zealand, I honestly think it’s for the best”."

Can you organise a wedding in 3 weeks? - you sure can!

I got a call from Alan to say that he and his partner wanted to get married at Gibbston Valley Lodge. "Fabulous and congratulations" I said "When?" "In 3 weeks time - can it be done?". "Absolutely - as long as you can get the licence - it can and will be done".
And so followed a busy and exciting 3 weeks of organising paperwork, location, schedule, clothes.

And what a day we had! Following days of cold and snow clouds with more of the same forecast, the sun magically and unexpectedly came out and warmed hearts, bones and smiles. After a seriously comprehensive morning of wine tasting with Gibbston Valley Winemaker, Matt Swirtz, the happy couple said their 'I Do's' on the lawn with Zelia, from Gibbston Valley Lodge and I as witnesses. Then off for a relaxed fun trip round the vineyard, wine cave and local secret spots for romantic photos.

I love an intimate wedding. So personal, so special. Thanks for asking me - I loved every minute.
Venue: Gibbston Valley Lodge
Celebrant: Andrew Bell
Photographer: Celia Walmsley, Stagebox Photography
Gibbston Valley Lodge stars: Zelia Horrell, Andrew

Check out the story by Alan Granville on today's www.Stuff.co.nz


With plans for a wedding in Ireland scuppered by Covid, Alan Granville decides on a new location for his nuptials.
Check out Gibbston Valley Lodge

Stagebox Photography | Blog

I've taken the Pride Pledge to show publicly that I support all people who love each other and who wish to marry and spend their lives together. The Pride Pledge is an initiative to increase visibility, inclusion and safety for LGBTTQ+ people in our community. We are already a diverse and tolerant country - now is the time to make that tolerance visible and to celebrate our pride as an inclusive community.
Even though I've lived and worked for most of my careers in environments where LGBTTQ+ people are welcome, safe and play key roles, including hotel industry (my first career) and the arts, dance and theatre (my more recent careers), I have also worked in environments where this is, sadly, not the case. So it is important to me to show support publicly for all LGBTTQ+ people.
So many of the weddings I photograph are for same sex couples. The love and joy and warmth of these weddings is so special and precious and is often heightened because of the journey the couple may have had to take to get to the point of being able to marry. I am always honoured and blessed when couples choose me as their photographer. Choosing your photographer is a big decision - I'm with you all day and the photographs I create are your lasting memory of your special day.
I wish we lived in a world where Pride Pledge wasn't needed, where all people are accepted, safe and welcomed for who they are. But sadly we don't and so it is important to say 'I support Pride Pledge'.

Check out Pride Pledge

Queenstown rainbow wedding capital


Queenstown will host what is believed to be the country's first rainbow wedding expo to re stimulate the resort's economy.

Plans for this year's Queenstown Winter Pride Festival have been unveiled which include trumpeting the town as the rainbow wedding capital.

Winter Pride Festival event director Martin King said the inaugural expo on September 3 at the Novotel would showcase Queenstown as a wedding destination for the LGBT+ community.

Read all about it here by Jo McKenzie McLean


Stagebox Photography | Blog

So amidst all the other world shaking stories, the Sony World Photography Awards have been announced...

I especially love Hsien-Pang Hsieh's work for his image titled Hurry, featuring a street performer who appears to be walking quickly but is in fact standing still. Fits right into my interest of Still/Moving and the relationship of still photography to movement and dance. Hsien-Pang Hsieh, from Taiwan, won The Youth Photographer of the Year award.



And Portraiture winner Cesar Dezfuli's work in photographing people rescued from a rubber boat drifting in the Mediterranean Sea for the series Passengers.

"The boat had departed some hours prior from Libya. In an attempt to give a human face to this event, I photographed the passengers minutes after their rescue. Their faces, their looks, the marks on their bodies all reflected the mood and physical state they were in after a journey that had already marked their lives forever."


 Also Angel Lopez Soto's depiction of Senegalese Wrestlers, which won her the Sport category award.

pabloalbarengauruguayphotographeroftheyearprofessionalcompetitioncreative2020sonyworldphotographyawards 2

Many of the category winners told stories of a vitally important current issues. In particular Pablo Albarenga, a documentary photographer from Uruguay, who won Photographer of the Year for his series Seeds of Resistance, which highlights the plight of indigenous communities in Latin America, who are fighting to preserve their territories from agri-business and deforestation.  Stunning work combining portraiture and aerial photography in fine detail and brilliant colour.

Stagebox Photography | Blog

Did you know it's really easy to elope, right on your doorstep, in New Zealand?

Here are the 10 key steps.....

1.  Find THE ONE!  Congratulations - this is the hardest step but if you're reading this you've already achieved this one - WOOHOO!

2.  When?  Decide when (or roughly when).  It's good to have a couple of dates in mind.  So many people go for summer weddings but we love winter weddings - they are intimate, uncrowded and very special.  You can also get great photos in winter with the soft light and expansive scenery without distractions

3.  Where?  Yes you can get married in your very own garden, veranda or house.  Or you can choose a public space, waterfront, park, mountain top, church, friend's garden or farm.  We know some great spots.  Some public spaces require permission and we can help advise you on that as we've done a lot of weddings outdoors on public and private land  

4.  Talk to us - our Elope in Your Own Backyard  package gives you the key essentials - Celebrant, Photographer and bubbles all in one easy step.  AND we've got a special price running until 30 September 2020.  Check out full details 

5.  Marriage Licence - you'll need to apply for your licence from the Ministry or Internal Affairs and we can advise you on how and when to do this

6.  Design your ceremony - we design your ceremony with you and make it totally unique to you

7.  Photography - I talk to you about the style of photography you like, where you'd like your couple photos taken and give you tips for looking gorgeous in your photos

8.  Two witnesses - choose your two witnesses.  These can be family, close friends or complete strangers as long as they are old enough and of sound enough mind to know what they are witnessing and signing.  We'll crack open that bottle of bubbles, included in your package, for the signing of the register.  

9.  Hey presto - the key elements of your wedding are all done.  You can now get married!

10.  Of course you'll probably want to some rings and something to wear but the key parts are all done. 

The Elope in Your Own Backyard package is available throughout the year for 4-10 people and includes Celebrant, Photographer for ceremony and couple photos and a bottle of Quartz Reef bubbles for the toast.  And we have a special offer running until 30 September July 2020  Check out full details

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Let's get you wed!