A Headshot is a head and shoulders image for use on your website, CV, corporate, group or social media profile, media releases, conference registration and social media channels.

I offer Headshot photoshoots for individuals, small, medium and large businesses, artist and corporate individuals and teams.

You can choose to have your headshots taken:

  • At your workplace with natural or studio lighting, which I bring
  • Outdoors in an environment relevant to you
  • At my photographic studio with studio lighting

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For all those questions you may have about Headshots ....

How many images do I get?

A Headshot package usually includes 1 - 5 high quality head and shoulders images for each person.

What does it cost?

All Headshot packages are tailored to suit your requirements, budget, the number of people and images involved.

How long does it take?

Headshots are quick to achieve and can be completed in 15 minutes to one hour depending on your requirements.

What's involved?

Headshots are usually shot on one plain background without props or specific reference to role or environment. Set up is simple comprising a clear wall or backdrop, which I bring. Good light is essential which can be a large window without direct sun or a studio light(s) and reflector, which I bring.

Why have professional Headshots rather than photos on my phone?

A professional Headshot is exactly that - Professional. The images are taken on high quality professional equipment and produce high quality images that are well thought through and professionally lit and posed. Each image is post processed in Adobe Lightroom and/or Photoshop to a to give you images that present you in your best light. They reflect who you are in a flattering, timeless, high quality image for use on the web and in print.

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What is the difference between a Headshot and Personal Branding?

A Headshot is a head and shoulders image that shows who you are. It puts a face to a name.

A Headshot reflects the nature of your personality, role or environment in the choice of style, colour and degree of formality. Headshots can be as relaxed or formal at your require to reflect who you are.

Personal Branding is an extension of a Headshot.

In addition to putting a face to a name Personal Branding images tell a story about who you are, what you do, what type of work you do and services or products you offer. They can also tells the story of your organisation, brand, group or society.

Personal Branding images usually include background of the place or are in which you work, clothing, tools, equipment, props, brand colours, or logos. They will sometimes include other people such as team members in the background. Personal Branding images usually include full length and torso body images rather than just head and shoulders.

Personal Branding images are a key part of establishing, maintaining and promoting your personal, business or organisation Brand.

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How do I choose between Headshots outdoors in natural light or Headshots in the photographic studio?

Headshots outdoors in natural light are fun, easy, quick to do and natural. I have several favourite areas that I use, which offer a variety of light and backgrounds. While the background does not feature massively in a headshot it is important to have backgrounds that are plain, compliment and flatter your look. The only draw back to outdoor natural light Headshots is weather particularly wind, which plays havoc with hair! Other than that I love working outdoors with natural light.

Headshots and portraits in the photographic studio are more stylised. I can create a specific look that you want from natural, corporate, 'cover girl', beauty, masculine, glamourous, theatrical, film noir through to Hollywood. Studio headshots and portraits take more time and equipment, which is reflected in the price. The other great thing is that they are not weather dependent.

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