Family portraits

It's a big deal getting the family together all in one place.  So when you do it's wonderful to capture the memories with your significant people in a family portrait.  Special occasions, milestones, family visiting, new arrivals, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter and holiday get togethers are all great times for a family portrait.  

I offer three Family Portrait packages including Family, Extended Family and Mega Family but tailor every portrait to suit your needs, the size of your family and your budget.  

The Family Portrait package - ideal for one nuclear family including parents and their children.  The Family Portrait package generally includes the family portrait, parents together, individual parents, individual children and siblings together or any combination that you would like.  A variety of semi formal and relaxed photos of the family seated, standing and in action.  The package includes high resolution digital files and a stunning A2 print of the family.  

The Extended Family Portrait - ideal for two related families including parents and their children plus grandparents and/or one other related family such as a sibling of one parent and their children to a maximum of around 14 people.  The Extended Family Portrait usually includes a large group with everyone, two smaller family groups, couples and inter generational groups and children.  I usually include some candid portraits, particularly of the children.  The package includes high resolution digital files and three stunning prints including one A2 print and two A4 prints. 

The Mega Family Portrait - ideal for more than two related families including parents and their children plus grandparents and up to two other related families such as siblings of one parent and their children to a maximum of around 28 people.   The Mega Family Portrait usually includes the whole family portrait with everyone, a family portrait for each sub family, couples, inter generational groups such as grandparents with their children and grandchildren, individual children and groups of children.  I also like to include some fun candid portraits, particularly of the children. The package includes high resolution digital files and a stunning A2 print of the whole family for each family included.  

Locations can be at home, a park, a beach, mountain or location of your choice.  I work in Wellington, Whitby, Poriirua, Kapiti, Queenstown, Wanaka, Central Otago and Waiheke Island. 

Extra prints you can order more prints plus canvas and framed photographs from your online gallery when I send your collection.

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A Headshot is a head and shoulders image for use on your website, CV, corporate, group or social media profile, media releases, conference registration and social media channels.

I offer Headshot photoshoots for individuals, small, medium and large businesses, artist and corporate individuals and teams.

You can choose to have your headshots taken:

  • At your workplace with natural or studio lighting, which I bring
  • Outdoors in an environment relevant to you
  • At my photographic studio with studio lighting

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Personal Branding

Personal Branding images are an extension of a Headshot.  They don't just put a face to a name, they tell a story about you and your business. 
They tell about who you are, what you do, the type of services/products you offer or the work you do.   Never is it more true than in Personal Branding that 'a picture paints a thousand words'.

Personal Branding images are a key part of establishing and promoting your personal or business Brand.  They are key to attracting your customers and telling them what you are like, how friendly, professional, relaxed, efficient or businesslike you are and what you can offer them. 

Personal Branding images usually include the background of the place or environment that is relevant to what you do.  They may include clothing, tools, equipment, props, brand colours or logos.  They can include other people, such as team members, with you or in the background.  Lighting is key and carefully planned to reflect the story you are telling.  Personal Branding images usually include full length and torso body images rather than just head and shoulders.

They may also include a variety of expressions, looks or personalities.

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The Sirens

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Performing Artist Headshots 

As a performing artist you may require different outcomes from your profile Headshots because your success is based on your ability to portray other persona and specific characters, not just yourself. 

As an actor, opera singer or musical theatre performer for example, you will want to indicate in your profile headshots the types of roles you perform - are you a Boheme or Turandot?,  are you auditioning for the romantic prince, the guard or the villain, are you a Roxy Hart or Kim, Jean Valjean or Lafayette? 

I offer special Headshot sessions for performing artists, which are part way between Headshots and Personal Branding images.  These not only putting a face to a name but also explore your range of professional roles and characters.

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A portrait is a special and tangible record and projection of who you are. Whether it’s for your work, personal portrait for your website, a gift for someone else or yourself or a work of art for the wall, the same holds true. Many portraits become treasured pieces.

You can choose between having your portrait taken at home, in your work place, outdoors in natural light or in my photographic studio.

Portraits taken in the photographic studio offer a more stylised option to those taken outdoors in natural light or those at your home or work.  I can create a specific look that you want ranging from natural, corporate, 'cover girl', beauty, masculine, glamourous, theatrical, film noir through to Hollywood.  Studio portraits take more time and equipment, which is reflected in the price.  The great thing is that they are not weather dependent.

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Kat Minor for SB vs2 6240

Katherine Minor, Soloist, Royal New Zealand Ballet

Kat Minor for SB 6451

 Katherine Minor, Soloist, Royal New Zealand Ballet


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