Personal Branding

Personal Branding images are an extension of a Headshot.  They don't just put a face to a name, they tell a story about you and your business. 
They tell about who you are, what you do, the type of services/products you offer or the work you do.   Never is it more true than in Personal Branding that 'a picture paints a thousand words'.

Personal Branding images are a key part of establishing and promoting your personal or business Brand.  They are key to attracting your customers and telling them what you are like, how friendly, professional, relaxed, efficient or businesslike you are and what you can offer them. 

Personal Branding images usually include the background of the place or environment that is relevant to what you do.  They may include clothing, tools, equipment, props, brand colours or logos.  They can include other people, such as team members, with you or in the background.  Lighting is key and carefully planned to reflect the story you are telling.  Personal Branding images usually include full length and torso body images rather than just head and shoulders.

They may also include a variety of expressions, looks or personalities.

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For all those questions you may have about Personal Branding ....

How many images do I get?

A Personal Branding package usually includes 5 - 20 high quality images depending on what you are aiming to achieve and the variety of stories you wish to tell.   Images come in digital formats in a variety of layouts including portrait, landscape, banners for website or advertising with space to add text, colour, black and white, Facebook and Instagram Story and for high quality print.

What does it cost?

All Personal Branding packages are tailored to suit your requirements, budget, the number of people and images involved.

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How long does it take?

Personal Branding images can take from 3 hours, half day, full or multi day depending on the complexity and variety of stories you wish to tell and the number of people and set ups involved.  

What's involved?

Personal Branding images are planned in advance.  Advance discussion and planning produces the best results as it helps you to really focus on your brand and what you want to achieve.  It is also important for me to plan the setting, light and equipment that best reflects your story. Planning also helps to speed up the process on the day of the photoshoot and reduce any disruption to your business.

Where are the photos set?

Personal Branding images are usually set in your work or personal environment.  Backgrounds and props are usually those of the environment you choose that reference you, your role and/or environment. 

Set up can be simple or complex depending on the environment and story.  Appropriate lighting is important and I may bring lighting with me to enhance the light or create a particular look.

Why have professional Professional Branding images rather than photos on my phone?

Professional Personal Branding offers you story planning, points to consider on how to tell your story, lighting expertise and advice on how to get the look and story you want.  This is in addition to high quality professional images. 

The images are taken on high quality professional equipment and produce high quality images that are well thought through and professionally lit and constructed.  Each image is post processed in Adobe Lightroom and/or Photoshop to give you images that present your story in the most appropriate and often dramatic light.  They tell the story of who you are and what you do in high quality images for use on the web and in print.

What is the difference between Personal Branding and a Headshot?

Personal Branding images tell a story about who you are, what you do, what type of work you do and services or products you offer.  They can also tells the story of your organisation, brand, group or society.  A Headshot is a head and shoulders image that shows who you are.  It puts a face to a name.

Personal Branding images are a key part of establishing, maintaining and promoting your personal, business or organisation Brand.   

Examples of Personal Branding Images

Business Owner of a Manufacturing Firm
The Business Owner in their factory with background of equipment.  They may hold a key item that immediately tells what the business is or what they produce, such as a tool or item they produce. The Owner may be wearing uniform or colours of the business with logo.  Lighting and set up are designed to reflect the identity of the business e.g. serious and gritty for engineering or light and clinically clean for medical.  

The Artist Painter in their studio surrounded by easels, paint, brushes, finished artwork and work in progress.  The light and setting would reflect the type of art being produced and is designed to attract the audience for that genre or artwork.  Images may include the Artist with their work or in action producing the work.

Musician and Singer duo
A Musician or Singer would likely be photographed at their instrument or microphone in an environment and light reflective of the type of music they play e.g. classical, Maori, Pacifica, rock, indie, hip hop.  The choice of clothing, surrounding objects, environment, colours and light are carefully planned to reflect the story of the artist's style, genre, personality and personal brand.

Medical Professional
A Medical Professional would likely be photographed in their place of work.  If the most important element is the Doctor, the images might be  without specific reference to the name of the organisation.  If the important elements are the Doctor at the practice, the images might include the name and brand colours of the business in the background.  The images would likely be light, clean, uncluttered and crisp. They may include reference to equipment or setting relevant to the work (though not usually include scary equipment such as dentist drills and scalpels!)

Ski Area Lift Manager
A Ski Area Manager would definitely be photographed on the mountain with the ski lifts and glorious snow behind them.  Ski areas are synonymous with fun, holidays, speed and adventure but they can also be cold, dangerous places.  Key elements of the image will therefore include warmth, welcome, safety and confidence alongside snow, adventure and fun.  The images would likely be sunny, brightly coloured, pristine snow, smiling, confident and crisp.  

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