I work across a range of photographic genre from weddings to commercial and event to my own artwork. Much of my work involves people, action and precision timing.

Through my photographic work, and previous background in performing arts management, I’m used to working in high pressure, high emotion situations where people are joining together to create something they are passionate about. All this involves staying calm while bringing together people and elements all with perfect timing to create something wonderful, for personal and public viewing.

Whether it’s a wedding for two or 100, team photographs for your website, the recording of your 3-day event or your wine harvest, the same holds true. You want to feel that you are there again, that your customers will want to be there next time and to be a part of what you do.

My work is bringing together all those elements to create high quality images that are a reflection of who you are or what your business is. From creating hero images in the studio to recording multi-day events and performances I provide a full range of photographic services.

Please call me to discuss your requirements and for a quote at no obligation.