• How much will my wedding photography cost?

Prices range from around $1,295 to $3,995 inc. GST depending upon the package that you choose, how long the wedding day is, the number of guests, whether you choose to have the whole day recorded or just the ceremony and bridal photos and whether you choose to have an album or prints.

  • What sort of packages are available?

There are 4 packages to choose from, each of which can be tailored to your needs:

  • Best Match, which is the most popular and covers the whole day
  • Perfect Match which cover the whole day and have albums included
  • Matchmaker for genuinely small weddings or if you only want to record the ceremony and bridal photos.

Please see PACKAGES for full details.


  • When do I pay for my wedding photography?

A deposit of $500 is required to confirm the date and booking. The balance is payable by the day before the wedding.

Number and types of photos

  • How many photos do I get?

You receive approximately 50 high quality images per hour of photography. Each image is personally selected and edited by me for colour, exposure, saturation, contrast, clarity, vibrance and sharpness to produce high quality images. You receive two sized versions of each images - one for use on web and one high resolution for print.

  • What style will my photos be edited in?

We discuss the style that you would like your photos to be in advance of your wedding. As you can see I love colour and my style is generally full of colour and joy but I also love rich moody and soft romantic. It depends on what you like and the type of day you have - sunny and bright, moody skies, soft rain, spring blossoms, brilliant white glacial snow, autumn golds - what style I will edit the photos in. We discuss what you want and what suits your day in advance.

  • When do I receive my photos?

I know how excited you will be to receive your wedding photos so that you can relive each moment plus the moments you missed. I turn around your photos as quickly as possible, while allowing appropriate time to select and edit each one.

You receive a 1st look (a selection of the top 20-40 highlights of your day) within 5 days of your wedding so that you can share these with your family and friends.

You receive the full collection within 3 weeks of your wedding.

  • How do I receive my photos?

You receive your photos via online transfer so that you can download them quickly and easily to your device.

  • Can I print my photos?

Absolutely and I encourage you to do so. You can either print them yourself (preferably through a recommended photographic printer) or I can print them for you. There is nothing like the physical object in your home to remind you of your special day. Printed images also make wonderful gifts for family and friends who have supported you in your journey together. All the photos are provided in high resolution ready for large print. You can print to paper, canvas or other media.

  • What about an album?

You can select a package such as the Perfect Match, which includes an album. Or you can add an album anytime at a later stage. I give you a quote for various options for albums on request.

Refund Policy

  • What happens if I change the date for my weddings?

Most weddings are booked 12 - 24 months in advance. If the date for your wedding changes I will make every attempt to accommodate the new date subject to my availability for the new date.

  • What happens if my wedding has to be cancelled?

If in the unfortunate event that the wedding has to be cancelled the deposit can be refunded up to 12 months in advance. If the cancellation is less than 12 months but more than 6 months I will make every attempt to rebook the date. If the date cannot be rebooked then the deposit is non-refundable. If the cancellation is less than 6 months then the deposit is non-refundable as the opportunity to rebook the date is highly unlikely.

The Photographer

  • What will the photographer wear on the day?

I always dress smartly on the day in keeping with the style of the wedding.

  • Will you bring another photographer?

If you request a second photographer, for particularly large weddings or to cover specific event, I will quote for a second shooter to be included in the package. The second shooter is always an appropriately skilled photographer that I have worked with and trust to deliver the same high quality and to fit in with your wedding party. In some cases I may bring a second shooter and will discuss this with you first.