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Headshots for Performing Artist

As a performing artist you may require different outcomes from your profile Headshots because your success is based on your ability to portray other persona and specific characters, not just yourself. 

As an actor, opera singer or musical theatre performer for example, you will want to indicate in your profile headshots the types of roles you perform - are you a Boheme or Turandot?  are you auditioning for the romantic prince, the guard or the villain, are you a Roxy Hart or Kim, Jean Valjean or Lafayette? 

I offer special Headshot photography for performing artists, which are part way between Headshots and Personal Branding images.  These not only putting a face to a name but also explore your range of professional roles and characters.

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FAQ for Performing Artist Headshots 


What do I get?

Fun is key and you get a relaxed professional photography experience that helps you be confident in front of the camera.

How many images do I get?

An Artist Headshot package usually includes 25 high quality images including headshots, a few torso and a couple of full length images depending on what you are aiming to achieve and the variety of stories you wish to tell.   Headshots come in digital files in portrait and landscape format and sized for high quality print and web including Facebook and Instagram.

What does it cost?

All Headshot packages are tailored to suit your requirements, budget, the number of people and images involved.  I do special offers for artists so please contact me for prices.

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How long does it take?

Usually up to 1 hour.   You also receive professional post editing included in the price

Where are the photos set?

Outdoors in natural light.  I have several favourite spots that work well for light and give a variety of plain backgrounds.   We use 2 - 3 locations in the same area with multiple looks

Why have professional Professional Headshots rather than photos on my phone?

Professional headshots images are taken on high quality professional equipment and produce high quality images.  Each image is post processed in Adobe Lightroom and/or Photoshop to give you high quality images.   

In addition, and this is the real difference, I work with you to focus on the roles and characteristics that you want to portray and subtly direct you to forget that you are in front of a camera so that you can portray your best.  

What is the difference between a Headshot, a Performing Artist Headshot and Personal Branding?

A Headshot is a head and shoulders image that shows who you are.  It puts a face to a name.   
A Performing Artist Headshot explores and shows a  range of your professional roles and characters as well as putting a face to a name.
Personal Branding images tell a story about who you are, what you do, what type of work you do and services or products you offer.  They can also tells the story of your organisation, brand, group or society.  Personal Branding images are a key part of establishing, maintaining and promoting your personal, business or organisation Brand.   

Do I need to prepare?

Not much.  I'll send you tips, ask what you want the images for and a bit about you  

Natural Light or Studio?  

Outdoors in natural light.   I select a location that reflects your character(s).

How does it work on the day?  

5 - 10 min chat about what you need images for & you 
40 minutes photography 
5-10 mins to change locations 

I hate having my photo taken.  How can you help me? 

We go out and have fun.  I'll prompt you to portray the characters you play best.  After a while you won't even notice you're being photographed

How many images do I get? 

At least 25 images - reflecting your characters and you, yourself 

Are my images edited? 

Yes - all images are professionally edited for colour, tone, saturation, crop, clarity, sharpening etc  

What type of images do I get?

High quality jpg images sized for web and print 

Can I get the RAWS? 

Sorry no.  A RAW is a flat unprocessed image and never looks as good as a professionally edited image

Do I need hair and makeup done? 

No.  But if it makes you feel good do it.  Don't go overboard with professional or stage makeup as we work outdoors in natural light.  I'm most interested in portraying your talent than perfection.  If it's windy on the day we'll work with that too. 

I'd like something more stylised and glamourous what can you do?

I do headshot and portrait photography at my photographic studio.  Checkout my studio portrait options

Do I need costumes? 

No.  We work together to portray your character through expression, light and tone.  A change of scarf, hat, top or coat is useful to change up the looks

What if the weather is terrible?  

I work in all sorts of weather but if it's windy AND wet then we reschedule to a mutually suitable time

What's the difference between headshots for artists and business people? 

Artist's photoshoot allows up to one 1 hour to portray your characters in up to 25 images.  Business people usually want to look - well - professional, which takes 10-15 mins in 3 or so images.  

I've got a question not answered here? 

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