Pinot Celebration Amisfield Winery

You gotta hand it to those Pinot Noir wine makers, growers, Sommeliers and enthusiasts. It takes commitment to start tasting at 9am and still be going at midnight particularly in the 36 degrees heat that the weather gods gave us for all 3 days. Such an awesome experience to be part of the Pinot Celebration 2018 in Central Otago and Queenstown with over 180 wine makers and enthusiasts celebrating the mighty Pinot Noir grape and it’s resulting glorious wines.

Gemma and Julian

It was 32 degrees and counting for Gemma and Julian’s helicopter elopement. Still they looked very cool as we landed at a secret spot near Hidden Island, Queenstown. 

Sometimes things don't go quite to plan but they invariably turn out for the best.  The intention was to fly to the Remarkables mountains but as we lifted off from Queenstown airport the wind picked up and prooved to be too gusty for us to land on the mountain.  Wind plays havoc with the hair as well as with helicopters.  So after a scenic flight along the Remarkables we changed course and headed across Lake Wakatipu to Cecil Peak.  The pilots at Glacier Southern Lakes Helicopters are experts at finding that special spot out of the wind and after a tour of Cecil Peak we came to land near Hidden Island.  Hidden Island is exaclty that - hidden.  Despite being so close to Queenstown there are very few places from where you can spot it.  

Such a stunning spot for a very special couple. Congratulation Gemma and Julian so happy to be part of it with you.

Exposure Exhibition

So proud to present my work at Exposure exhibition at Massey. The culmination of 2 years work and a fantastic collaboration with Jessie McCall.

The Wanderer above a Sea of Fog

"Rather like a mountain goat" as some of my wedding clients called me. Thanks to Neville, Tracey, John and friends for providing these shots of me in action on the Ledge at Cecil Peak for the recent wedding of Neville and Tracey.

Tracy and Nevelle

If this is not the best job in the world then tell me what is :-)

Two years of remote planning from Sydney paid off in a fantastic day with family and friends. Thanks for choosing me - Tracey & Neville.

Aurora Australis

'Twas a freezing cold night in May and sitting by the fire was super tempting. But it was a beauty for astro photography.  So out I went.  As I set up a grey tinge developed in the sky across the southern horizon.  There's no light polution south of us, so light in the south gets me excited as it's a sign of possible aurora activity.