10 easy steps to eloping in New Zealand

Did you know it's really easy to elope, right on your doorstep, in New Zealand?

Here are the 10 key steps.....

1.  Find THE ONE!  Congratulations - this is the hardest step but if you're reading this you've already achieved this one - WOOHOO!

2.  When?  Decide when (or roughly when).  It's good to have a couple of dates in mind.  So many people go for summer weddings but we love winter weddings - they are intimate, uncrowded and very special.  You can also get great photos in winter with the soft light and expansive scenery without distractions

3.  Where?  Yes you can get married in your very own garden, veranda or house.  Or you can choose a public space, waterfront, park, mountain top, church, friend's garden or farm.  We know some great spots.  Some public spaces require permission and we can help advise you on that as we've done a lot of weddings outdoors on public and private land.  Or you can fly away to a secludedly stunning mountain spot by helicopter, which we can organise as part of your package

4.  Talk to us - our Elope in Your Own Backyard  package gives you the key essentials - Celebrant, Photographer and bubbles all in one easy step.  

5.  Marriage Licence - you'll need to apply for your licence from the Ministry or Internal Affairs and we can advise you on how and when to do this

6.  Design your ceremony - we design your ceremony with you and make it totally unique to you

7.  Photography - I talk to you about the style of photography you like, where you'd like your couple photos taken and give you tips for looking gorgeous in your photos

8.  Two witnesses - choose your two witnesses.  These can be family, close friends or complete strangers as long as they are old enough and of sound enough mind to know what they are witnessing and signing.  We'll crack open that bottle of bubbles, included in your package, for the signing of the register.  If you choose a helicopter elopements for just the two of you your witnesses can be your pilot and Celia, your photographer

9.  Hey presto - the key elements of your wedding are all done.  You can now get married!

10.  Of course you'll probably want to some rings and something to wear but the key parts are all done. 

The Elope in Your Own Backyard package is available throughout the year for 4-10 people and includes Celebrant, Photographer for ceremony and couple photos and a bottle of Quartz Reef bubbles for the toast.  

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